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This is important because:  The company who sells the product is the company who should install the product.  This gives the company a vested interest in a job done correctly.  In addition, if a worker is hurt in your home, you or the company (if insured) is liable for the problem.  Make sure the company is insured. 
     Regarding inside versus outside mount, an outside mount sticks out into the room and adds more wood than necessary to the window treatment.  Also, an outside mount is applied directly to your window trim.  Do not get an outside mount installation if you like your window trim.  Frames are easier to install.  Frames require less expertise from an installer.  Consequently, you may be depending on a less experienced installer to perform work that will be in your windows for a long time.

This is important because:
  Be wary of companies that haven't been around long or if they have changed names a few times, especially if they are offering unbelievable deals.  They may disappear with your deposit.  Give your money to a business whose original owners have been in the business for over 20 years and have a shop, employees, and worker's compensation insurance.  Any reputable company can give references.

This is important because:
  Industry turn around can be in as little as 4 weeks or as long as 12 weeks.  Make sure you know the turn around if it is important to your project when the shutters are installed.



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