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This is important because:  Shutters are made of solid poplar wood, solid bass wood, finger-jointed wood, PVC (polyvinylchoride), and a combination of  wood and PVC.  Each material can affect the function or beauty of a shutter.  Wood shutters can be custom finished to match any paint or stain color.  Solid wood shutters are preferable because finger-jointed wood is assorted pieces of wood fit together to make the shutter panels.  Wood seams will show with finger-jointed wood shutters.  Plastic shutters (PVC) cannot be custom painted or "woodworked" like a wood shutter.  Wood shutter panels are rabbeted for an overlapping closure that eliminates a light gap or need for hardware.  PVC shutters must have pieces glued on for the same type of closure.  These glued on pieces reduce the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of the shutter.
This is important because:  Most likely, shutters will be in your windows for the life of your home.  Occasionally, they may need maintenance.  It is important to work with a company that stands behind their work and will be with you through the years.  Before ordering from a company call them and tell them that you need a shutter repair...see what happens.

This is important because:
  Spending hundreds of dollars on shutters that don't match your trim work is unacceptable.  Shutters are a fine window treatment that should visually flow from the trim of the window and enhance your windows not take away with a noticeably unmatched color.

This is important because:
  Pricing should include all parts of the shutter job:  measuring, finishing, and installing.  Beware of companies that price in bits and pieces.  They may attract you with seemingly low prices but become more expensive with extra charges.

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